24 - 27 Sept 2015

Sensory Experience and Enhanced Realities

"We as humans are using, understanding and even extending our senses in ways never done before"

Sensory Experience and Enhanced Realities

At The Pier you will be able to experience innovative sensory experiences on Friday and Saturday. Artists, designers, scientists and other practitioners are designing new ways of interaction that were practically impossible in the past. We as humans are using, understanding and even extending our senses in ways never done before. A variety of makers will present existing projects, new works as well as experiments which deal with immersive audiovisual environments, augmented and virtual reality devices and applications and the processing of bodily feedback are presented in a living lab setting. In addition to the works presented, make sure to also attend the related symposium session on Saturday as part of Bright Collisions.  

Now confirmed:

  • Arjan van Meerten – Surge

  • Backlight Studio – Birdy King Land

  • Clement Georgescu – Space Invaders / Cloudprinting

  • Jonathan Minard + James George – CLOUDS

  • Julius Horsthuis – Foreign Nature

  • Kite & Lightning – Neuro GE Neuro

  • Leslie García + Paloma López (Interspecifics)

  • De Naakte Ontwerpers – Resonate

  • Squarepusher – Stor Eiglass (Marshmallow Laser Feast + Blue Zoo + Rob Pybus)


SquarePusher – Stor Eiglass
To mark the release of Stor Eiglass, Squarepusher, Marshmallow Laser Feast, Blue Zoo and Rob Pybus have come together to create not just a standard music video, but a virtual reality promo that can be experienced via VR headsets, mobiles, tablets and YouTube’s new 360º platform. Following Squarepusher’s long history of exploring the creative possibilities of new technologies, the collaboration delivers a wry, humorous, dystopian narrative to accompany the lead track from Squarepusher’s critically acclaimed Damogen Furies album.

Jonathan Minard + James George – CLOUDS
CLOUDS is an interactive documentary and a portrait of this community of digital pioneers, explored through the lens of code. The project asks questions about the future of creativity at a time when algorithms play an important role in shaping culture. People featured in the film include 40 artists, designers and hackers who participate in the co-creation of free tools for creative expression: Processing and openFrameworks. Reflecting the story of these online communities, the software behind CLOUDS was built in C++ using openFrameworks, and includes real-time interactive visualizations by the artists featured in the documentary.

Clement Georgescu – Space Invaders / Cloudprinting
Through his background as a designer, Clement Georgescu combines his creative skills, develops ideas into concepts and researches new ways to achieve desired effects. Georgescu presents two of his latest projects. Take the challenge of shooting alien spaceships into the real world in ‘Space Invaders’ and 3D-print well-defined shapes you recognize in the clouds in ‘Cloudprinting’.

Julius Horsthuis – Foreign Nature
Fractal artist Julius Horsthuis has released Foreign Nature, a 360 video aimed for playback on the Oculus Rift DK2, which sends you through a fractal world where the line between man-made and natural is never quite clear. Some say the universe is fractal in nature—that there is no ‘final unit’—but that it just keeps going in a glorious dance of algorithmic infinity. Julius Horsthuis, an Amsterdam based visual effects artist, published his first fractal video back in December 2013, but the release of Foreign Nature is his first 360 fractal video made especially for VR headsets. All we have to say is: “Woah.”

Kite & Lighting – Neuro GE Neuro – a musical journey through the human brain
Kite & Lighting created an experience that draws you into the musical mind of Ladytron member and DJ, Reuben Wu. With a jolt of magical tech you shrink to nano scale and enter Ruben’s brain like a Tie-Fighter entering the Death Star. Reubens musically powered imagination is the warm up world which leads you into a beautiful visualization of his amygdala surrounded by neurological responses to thoughts, ideas, fears and memories. Reuben composed an original score for the experience and stands before you in VR as a full CG digital double. You even get to peer into his actual brain via a volumetric MRI scan he was gracious enough to endure!

Arjan van Meerten – Surge
Virtual reality music video SURGE is an abstract meditation on the evolutionary process and its relentless march towards complexity. Built with Unreal by artist Arjan van Meerten, Surge was produced over the course of a year with Arjan creating all of the music, animation and code himself. With thousands of downloads, Surge is currently the highest rated experience on Oculus Share.

Birdy King Land – Backlight Studio
Birdy King Land is a rollercoaster type project that will take you on a crazy ride through a cartoon and colorful experience. Specialized in digital and interactive imaging, the Backlight Studio team wanted to develop the underestimated narrative dimension of the Oculus Rift, and push the boundaries of this new playful support. They wanted to provide the experience with a unique “touch”, thanks to a specific art direction, and graphic researches that enabled us to create a 2D introduction, something we did not see in other experiences yet. Finally, we ask a sound designer partner (Mooders) to create the auditory part of the experience, as important for us as the image.

25 + 26 September


Pier - Zuid -1 / Classroom / Gallery - Outdoor

Fri 14:00 - 00:00 | Sat 12:00 - 00:00