24 - 27 Sept 2015


"Refunc provides a better life for discarded materials, components, objects or spaces."


REFUNC is a laboratory for design based on the idea that everything can be used to create another thing. They create experimental structures based on local waste material flows. REFUNC (Denis Oudendijk, Jan Körbes, Damian van der Velde and Bart Groenewegen) provides a second life for found or thrown-away objects. They operate on the borders of architecture, art and design. The origin for designs are found in the object itself, by listening to its own composition, history, or local and social context. REFUNC needs a problem to play with, creative improvisation with locally available waste materials lead the way to our often unpredictable results. Wherever you can find garbage, REFUNC does research and workshops on creative recycling. Their motto: “the world without a manual”.

We are very glad that REFUNC, a longtime collaborator of TodaysArt since its very first edition, is again on board this year. They have dug deep into their storage spaces in order to redesign the TodaysArt gallery (classroom) space and the Crusty Crab space in the Steel of The Pier.

25 + 26 September


Pier Steel - Classroom