24 - 27 Sept 2015

Onno Poiesz – Fata Morgana

"Art stays interesting when it's cutting edge"

Onno Poiesz – Fata Morgana

A live concert driven by the sea.
Two man angling, trying to catch ‘A tempo Hydro’.
Perhaps the sea will release the Accelerando. and returns to it’s A tempo.
For this piece the environment is the instrument.

The works from Onno Poiesz are very varied. From large 2D works such as; ‘EXIT’ which existed out of stickers made specially for the Central Station of Rotterdam- to glaced keramic airplanes and bronzed doorknobs in the Dutch public transport. For this eleventh edition of TodaysArt , Poiesz created a project intended for the most lefthanded island on The Pier which will be demolished at the end of 2015. This projects is inspired on one of the original ‘ZERO on Sea’ installations. Artist Heinz Mack planned to place pillars made out of mirrors into the sea. Poiesz is planning to wrap the left hand island completely in mirroring foil. By doing so, a new dimension will arise and will change the context of the building. The building will gain body and the exact contours will fade. During the day, light and colors will change and reflect in the sea.



25 + 26 September


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