24 - 27 Sept 2015

John Connell + Florence To – NOQTURNL

"Using sound to explore conscious and unconscious states."

John Connell + Florence To – NOQTURNL

Please note: if you want to attend one of the NOQTURNL sessions it is only possible to enter the session between 23:30 and 00:00. Afterwards you can not enter anymore. Although we encourage people to stay during the night, off course it is possible to exit at any time. There will be beds, blankets and cushions available and it is possible to sleep. Make sure to dress extra warm as the factory gets cold at night! In addition, breakfast will be included. If you have a valid ticket, don’t forget to reserve for the session you’d like to attend!

‘NOQTURNL’ is an overnight audiovisual meditation exploring collective dreamstate, by visual artist and art director Florence To and sound designer and 4DSOUND’s creative director John Connell. Noqturnl takes participants through a series of spaces as they drift between waking and dreaming throughout the night. Conveyed through patterns and structures of light and shifting soundscapes working with tones, field recordings and voice, individual dream environments are evoked with their own distinct moods and interactions. A meditative experience, ‘NOQTURNL’ offers participants the chance for a dialogue with non-ordinary states of awareness and self-reflection.

John Connell is a meditation teacher and sound designer based in Berlin. His work explores dimensions of consciousness through sonic meditations and notions of inner and outer space, drawing on intensive experiences with a range of meditative practices over the last decade. A DJ for over 15 years, he was formative in the Tokyo techno scene as resident at seminal clubs Yellow and Womb. He is founder of the Breathwork and Sound workshop series.

Visual artist and art director Florence To creates light installations using the identity of first space, then sound, exploring the emotional depth of the audience’s perception. Her work with visual space translates how organized elements in architecture can create either tension or harmony in consideration of motion and adaption through live performance.

For this performance, there is a limited capacity, therefore reservations are required. Reservations can be made via the info section of our website, under 4DSOUND reservations. Please note that you need to have valid ticket which you can exchange for a wristband at the door.

24 September 23:45 – 06:00
25 September 23:45 – 06:00
26 September 23:45 – 06:00


24 + 25 + 26 September


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23:45 - 06:00