24 - 27 Sept 2015

Gordon Monahan – Speaker Swinging

"Realise the loudspeaker as a valid electronic music instrument in itself."

Gordon Monahan – Speaker Swinging

Gordon Monahan’s works for piano, loudspeakers, video, kinetic sculpture, and computer controlled sound environments span from avant garde concert music to multimedia installations and sound art. He juxtaposes the quantitative and qualitative aspects of natural acoustical phenomena with elements of media technology, environment, architecture, popular culture, and live performance.

For the opening of TodaysArt 2015, Monahan will perform his famous work from 1982, ‘Speaker Swinging’. This work for electronic tone generators and human speaker swingers is a hybrid of science, music, and performance art, in which minimalistic trance music based on the Doppler effect contrasts with issues central to performance art, such as physical struggle and ‘implied threat’. For this occasion Mariska de Groot, Matteo Marangoni, Dieter Vandoren and Philip Vermeulen of iii will be the speaker swingers.

The opening performance is free to attend.

25 September



18:45 - 19:15