Underground Resistance – Timeline

Underground Resistance – Timeline

27 September 9/20/14 0:45 - 02:15

Zuiderstrandtheater - Club 1



Underground Resistance

Underground Resistance Presents Timeline Live - an adventure through the musical mazes of Detroit, between jazz and techno, between the past and the future.

The Underground Resistance collective, started by Jeff Mills and Mike Banks in the late 1980s, has become a living representation of the original spirit of techno: a music that looks to the future and is underground, experimental and radical in its aesthetic and technological vision. This is the sound that was born in a city dominated by the robots of the automotive industry. This is the sound of a reality and not of any science fiction fantasy. A sound born in a city with a rich and unique musical history: grooved by jazz, awakened by Motown rhythms, sophisticated by soul and brought together by techno and hip hop – and still vibrant and essential to the present day world musical map. In their current live set-up, Underground Resistance is led by Mike Banks on keyboard duties, and includes an ensemble of Jon Dixon (also on keyboards), DeSean Jones (saxophone) and DJ Mark Flash. Four individuals with completely different ideas in terms of what can be done rhythmically, harmonically, theoretically and with different approaches to music production, which makes every show unique.