27 September 9/19/14 15:30 - 22:00

Container - Stage

club, workshops


SESSIONVIEW is an open stage event for performances and experiments of electronic music, but also a platform to share knowledge, tips and tricks, set-up and anything else related with musical creativity. Take part!

SESSIONVIEW is all about inspiration and bringing people together. Regardless of what hardware and/or software you work with. Whether you’re making minimal, techno, trip hop or IDM, meeting other electronic musicians is an indispensable experience to share knowledge, passion and information with each other. SESSIONVIEW is open for any artist who wants to try new performance ideas, new set-ups, new experiments or even do a live performance for an audience for the very first time!

SESSIONVIEW events are organized every 6-8 weeks in close collaboration with STEIM in Amsterdam. For TodaysArt 2014, SESSIONVIEW will host a special edition of the event on Saturday 27 September, and you can be part of that.

Go ahead and sign up via, and tell us what you’d like to do to take part.