27 September 9/18/14 2:00 - 03:00

Zuiderstrandtheater - Club 2



Downwards / Berlin Current

Supported by
Musicboard Berlin

OAKE is a Berlin duo oscillating between industrial, post-punk and electronic music signed to Downwards Records (run by Karl O’Connor aka Regis).

We don’t know that much about them except they have a clear affection for the humbler timberwolf. Previous gigs included at world premier Berlin’s infamous Berghain Club last year and some broadcasting at Boiler Room and Dommune. Their live show promises an intense dark journey for this Dutch premiere.

OAKE is performing at TodaysArt as part of the Berlin Current program presented by CTM Festival. Berlin’s reputation as a world music capital is undisputed. Creative minds from around the world have long flocked to the city in search of advantageous conditions for their work, radically expanding Berlin’s musical diversity. But what truly adventurous sounds and musics are currently arising from the city’s maelstrom of simultaneously sounding musical styles and cultures? With Berlin Current, CTM Festival puts an ear to the scene and presents new, future-oriented musical ideas from Berlin. Berlin Current is supported by the Musicboard Berlin.