26 September 9/18/14 22:45 - 00:30

Zuiderstrandtheater - Club 2



Spectrum Spools / The Bunker NY / Prologue / Time to Express / Voices from the Lake

Italian Giuseppe Tillieci has always paid great attention to the technical aspects of his sound whether crafting in the studio, DJing or playing live around the world.

He has the rare ability to make music that is as deep and obscure as it is fluid and rhythmic. As such his output on labels like Prologue fuses rhythm and texture with techno ambience in hugely captivating ways. Neel’s main production output to date has been alongside his longterm partner and friend Donato Dozzy as Voices from the Lake, but soon he is to release his first solo EPs and a debut LP called ‘Phobos’ on the Spectrum Spools label. For TodaysArt, Neel will play a smooth, cohesive and hypnotic two-hour set that will transport you to another realm.

Smoke Machine x Field Records

The music platforms Smoke Machine and Field Records team up with TodaysArt to present an exquisite and exclusive line-up of like minded electronic artists in the realm of techno, ambient, experimental, and related sounds from different parts of the world.