Kiasmos (Ólafur Arnalds + Janus Rasmussen)

Kiasmos (Ólafur Arnalds + Janus Rasmussen)

27 September 9/18/14 1:00 - 02:00

Zuiderstrandtheater - Club 2



Erased Tapes

Hiding behind this acronym is the Icelandic BAFTA-winning contemporary classical composer Ólafur Arnalds and Janus Rasmussen.

Arnalds, known for his unique blend of minimal piano and string compositions with electronic sounds and Rasmussen, from the Faroe Islands and the mastermind of the electro-pop outfit Bloodgroup discovered their common love for discovered their common love for minimal and experimental music a couple of years ago and decided to join forces to create pure and timeless melodies to explore the area in-between acoustic and piano-based work, minimal techno and synth-heavy electro pop combined with a deep, subdued bass. For TodaysArt 2014, they will perform an exclusive live performance following their debut album to be released on the 24th of September (only four days before their show at TodaysArt).