DJ Nobu

DJ Nobu

26 September 9/18/14 4:30 - 06:00

Zuiderstrandtheater - Club 2



Future Terror

TodaysArt, Smoke Machine and Field Records are very proud to stage the Dutch premiere of DJ NOBU, a familiar name amongst the underground, hardcore and appreciative dance music fans in Japan and worldwide.

He is particularly respected for the Future Terror parties, which he has been running regularly with other local artists since 2001 in his hometown Chiba. DJ NOBU has devoted his life to the art of DJing and the magic of dancing from a wide musical spectrum. He’s a purist in the truest sense when it comes to his profession and he puts much energy into his performance to ensure that he gives the crowd an unforgettable experience.

Smoke Machine x Field Records

The music platforms Smoke Machine and Field Records team up with TodaysArt to present an exquisite and exclusive line-up of like minded electronic artists in the realm of techno, ambient, experimental, and related sounds from different parts of the world.