De Vloek

De Vloek

26 + 27 September



De Vloek in the Scheveningen harbour was squatted twelve years ago and has developed into an indispensable social cultural space where independent non-profit initiatives originate from and where many artists found a stage to present and develop.

De Vloek is a social cultural space in the harbour of Scheveningen. Starting off as a place where touring bands could play, over time de Vloek has grown to become a unique example of DIY, bottom-up organization that attracts hundreds of people on a weekly basis and houses a vegan/organic restaurant, a venue for bands and theatre groups to perform or practice and workspaces for a number of artists and cultural entrepreneurs, including longstanding TodaysArt partners Refunc. The broad range of visitors that frequent de Vloek has helped bring life to a part of the harbour that had been neglected for years.

De Vloek attracts hundreds of people on a weekly basis and is home to an organic vegan restaurant (Water en Brood), a music venue (de Piratenbar), studio’s, living spaces and rehearsal spaces.

With the introduction of the squatting ban in the Netherlands, autonomous spaces like de Vloek are on the decline. As such de Vloek has become one of the few places left in the Netherlands where underground music, DIY projects and cultural activities can blossom without the pressure of high rent; it is one of those places where intention and ideology can still be at the heart of things, instead of profitability. In an increasingly gentrified harbour area, the mere existence of de Vloek has become an act of dissent. Dissent against the ‘yuppification’ of the area, and the ‘ivory tower’ politics that drive it.

Recently it became clear that social and cultural center De Vloek in Scheveningen Haven is threatened to be vacated in order to make way for a sailing center. Support De Vloek by signing the petition and participating in actions:

During this edition of TodaysArt, a temporary membership to de Vloek is included in all festival, weekend and day passes, granting free access to all activities that are taking place there this weekend.

On Friday and Saturday de Vloek invites TodaysArt visitors for two nights of art and underground music. We also recommend to eat at the organic vegan restaurant Water en Brood (make a reservation from 13:00 via +31 70 399 7455).

26 September
16:00 – 05:00

– Jonas Staal – Be free, or else… (video installation, continuous)
– Special Fire Effects performance from Arjan Drunen between 19:00 and 21:00
– REFUNC,JOBART and PAUL – landmark

22.00 – 23.15 – Yorrit Bling
23.15 – 00.15 – Club-Res – Live
00.15 – 01.15 – Failotron (HU) – Live
01.15 – 02.00 – Former Descent – Live
02.00 – 03.00 – Elektrovolt / Black Helikopters – Live
03.00 – 04.00 – Skulpt – Live
04.00 – 05.00 – Stefan ZMK