Dasha Rush

Dasha Rush

25 September 9/18/14 23:30 - 00:30

Zuiderstrandtheater - Club 2



Fullpanda / Sonic Groove

Dasha Rush is Russian born but has spent most of her time between Paris, London, Tokyo and Berlin, exploring emotional and technological aspects of electronic music.

Combining her activities as a techno producer on her own Fullpanda label (following a list of high quality releases featuring Donato Dozzy, Dino Sabatini, Yuka and Stanislav Tolkachev amongst others) and as a dj with multi-artistic collaborations alongside artists and dancers, she brings up a mixture of rather rare techno electronic experimentations and synthesized sounds. Dasha Rush likes to push the boundaries of contemporary dance music to the limit, encourages experimentation with various musical (and non musical) forms and assembling these into deep and slightly dark compositions. In her strange and twisted world the machines are the protagonists of a neo-romanticism, weaved with human dreams. At TodaysArt 2014, she will perform her brand new live act.