Interview with True, our hosting provider

Interview with True, our hosting provider

Our websites wouldn't be running so smoothly without the help of True, our highly appreciated hosting provider. To find out more about True, our partnership with them and why they support TodaysArt we've posted a short interview.

Hi Sjors, could you tell a bit about yourself and True?

Hi, my name is Sjors van Santen and I’m responsible for partner- & sponsorships for True. We offer integrated managed hosting solutions. A festival like TodaysArt receives a lot of visitors in a weekend, the same goes for online. This is being hosted by True.

How do you think True acquired the position in hosting it has today?

True has been actively concerned with enabling community and event websites to house thousands of visitors per second since 2005. That development has been continued in a managed hosting formula with which we take over more and more operational tasks so that organizations can institute their IT-departments more efficiently. Through this we’re able to support the high demands organizations have. With initiatives like TodaysArt we gain knowledge about what is required to facilitate the peak load that events and campaigns require on the back-end.

And what do you think is unique about True?

As opposed to so-called infrastructural providers, True is really there for developers. This means that you as a developer don’t have to engage with hosting matters but can really focus on the development of your website or online application. True supplies a platform that already integrated all these matters. As a result, you as a organization can get to where you need to be faster.

What do you think of the TodaysArt 2014 website? Is it up to par with modern developments in webdesign? (e.g. loading times, responsive design/mobile accessibility)

Both the desktop and mobile versions of the website look good. The website loads quickly and the scripts are nicely spread out over the header and footer and the right plug-ins have been utilized. To prepare the website for 2015’s festival the acquisition of a SSL certificate is advisable. SSL enables you to make a HTTPS connection. This has recently been rated higher by Google, which ensures a head position in search results.

True has been supporting TodaysArt for many years, for which we are grateful. What are the main reasons for True supporting such an organization?

TodaysArt boasts a fresh approach and offers an interesting events on the intersection between art, culture, science and technology. Because we’re constantly investing in development, integration and innovation of information technology ourselves these are the most important reasons to stay closely tied to innovative events like these. Because of this we strive to be involved and contribute to the cultural industries in The Netherlands by facilitating information technology.

We’re looking forward to receiving you and your colleagues at TodaysArt 2014, are there programs you’re specifically looking forward to? Or do you have any of your favorite artists in the program?

I’m really looking forward to the installations in the dunes, the combination between nature and innovative art really appeals to me. Furthermore, I’m really looking forward to Nils Frahm and as a big fan of techno I also really want to see DJ Rondenion from Japan, Underground Resistance with Timeline – their live act and Robert Henke on Sunday. If there’s some time to spare I’d also like to visit the Mark Rothko exhibition in the Gemeentemuseum.

We would like to express our gratitude and appreciation for True and what they have done for TodaysArt and are looking forward to further develop this partnership in the future. And a special thanks to Sjors for having a small word with us!

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