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    27 + 28 September, The Hague


    TodaysArt has been presenting programs focused on adventurous contemporary visual and performing arts, architecture and digital culture annually since 2005. The ninth edition unfolds in the former ministry of interior and kingdom relations (Binnenlandse Zaken) building – part of a municipal complex of over 124 000 square metres – on September 27th and 28th.


    The festival brings international acts and artists to the city of The Hague, treating visitors to outstanding performances and works in a program that includes a large number of world and European premieres and exclusive shows. Next to the former ministry building the festival takes place in the City Hall and the surrounding public spaces.

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    Acts of exposure and revelation are, it seems, a sign of the times. The lifting of curtains; the publishing of secrets; the outing of things previously hidden. We celebrate exposure as a triumph of transparency because we are forced to rely on non-transparent systems that we increasingly don’t understand. But is it a triumph of transparency? Such times demand new approaches, as do we.


    Shifting powers are a defining feature of our times. Shifts in power create new opportunities and new modes of operation. This year, TodaysArt is taking advantage of the rising vacancy and a physical shift in the seat of governmental power to position ourselves in the epicentre: Binnenlandse Zaken, the former ministry of the interior and kingdom relations, a building never before open to the public. The ex-ministry is the former seat of the National Crisis Centre, the Emergency Office and the Secret Service, a building that previously accommodated the few who made decisions for the many, and is now the main venue for the ninth edition of the festival.


    This won’t be the festival you are expecting from us. We’ve left the theatres and the cultural institutes. The economic climate has changed. The cultural climate has changed. The festival has changed. New ambitions mean using all the available opportunities.


    We don’t presume to offer answers, but we do ask questions. Our role is not one of institutional critique. We want to ignite a firestorm of creative action, to draw in as many actors as possible.


    The high-rise venue fuelled vertical rather than horizontal thinking in the curatorship of the program, and the temporary nature of the location demands that the space be activated rather than transformed. Works must be accommodated in the space, but the space itself must also be accommodated.


    The festival will create a new momentum for our audiences, artists and partners. New players are occupying the seat of power.

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    TodaysArt takes place in two main venues in The Hague’s city center within walking distance of each other:


    01) Binnenlandse Zaken (Exhibition, Club, Symposium)
    Schedeldoekshaven 200, 2511 EZ The Hague
    Entrance is located opposite of Turfmarkt 28


    02) City Hall – Atrium (Performance)
    Spui 70, 2511 BT, The Hague
    Entrance is located opposite of Binnenlandse Zaken (back entrance)




    By public transport
    The festival area lies within walking distance of both Den Haag Central Station (less than 5 minutes) and Den Haag Holland Spoor station (just over 10 minutes). Check ns.nl or mobile.ns.nl for more information on traveling by train and departure times. The trams will take you to other locations in the city or to where you are staying. For current timetables, directions and route instructions check htm.net and 9292ov.nl (or mobiel.9292ov.nl). Be sure to check in advance, schedules on Friday or Saturday may differ. Oh, and one last thing that might come in handy, Google invented this great map thing called maps.google.com.


    By car / parking
    From Utrecht take the A12, from Amsterdam take the A4 and then the A44, from Rotterdam take the A13. When you enter The Hague follow the signs “CENTRUM”. The ‘Turfmarkt’ parking garage is situated directly underneath the main venue.


    Meeting point
    Not sure where to meet your friends, or lost your companions and can’t reach them? Don’t panic. The space next to the main entrance of the former ministry building will host a coffee bar, information service desk and a meeting point. While you wait for your friends you can enjoy everything that’s happening, get your tickets, drinks and a timetable and get a drink at the bar.

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    Here you can find a list of options and information on where to stay during your stay in The Hague for TodaysArt 2013. If you have additional questions regarding accommodation, feel free to contact us.





    Many different non-hotel accommodation options in The Hague are offered through Airbnb: www.airbnb.com



    Hotel Mercure Den Haag Central (TodaysArt Discount)


    Situated directly next to the festival venues. Easy to reach by car, own car park. Within walking distance of both Central Station and Holland Spoor.


    TodaysArt Deal: 99 EUR for double or single rooms on the 27th and 28th of September. If you want to book a room at Mercure, please email Stacie Lyons (stacie@todaysart.nl) with the dates and rooming requirements. Payment for the rooms can be done upon check out.


    Spui 180 2511 BW Den Haag


    T: +31 70363 6700


    Website: www.mercure.com



    Hotel IBIS Den Haag City Centre


    Situated in the city centre. 10 – 15 minute walk to the festival locations. 15 – 20 minute walk to Central Station and Holland Spoor. Public car park around the corner.


    TodaysArt Deal: 75 EUR for a single room, 85 EUR for a double room on Friday and Saturday. 89 EUR for a single room, 99 EUR for a double room from Sunday until Thursday.


    Jan Hendrikstraat 10 2512 GL The Hague


    T: +31 70318 4318


    Website: www.ibis.com



    F.A.S.T. (Budget Tip: 25% TodaysArt Discount!)


    Unique surfer’s village on Scheveningen boulevard between port, beach and promenade. A beach hostel, campground, a bar and restaurant, art projects and parties. Nighttime transport to and from the centre of The Hague to Scheveningen is available.


    TodaysArt Deal: 15 EUR hostel, 5 EUR campsite (25% discount, mention TodaysArt when contacting F.A.S.T.)


    Strandweg 1A 2586 JK Scheveningen


    T: +31 70358 6749 / +31 64343 2088


    E: info@fastthehague.com


    Website: www.fastthehague.com



    Hotel Wahdo


    Situated in The Hague’s Chinatown district, within walking distance of the city centre. Just a 5 minute walk away from the festival venues and a 10 minute walk away from Central Station and Holland Spoor.


    Wagenstraat 127-129A 2512 AT Den Haag


    T: +31 70362 6011


    E: info@wahdohotel.nl


    Website: www.wahdohotel.nl



    Stayokay Hostel Den Haag


    Located in the city centre on a five-minute walk from the station Den Haag Holland Spoor and a ten-minute walk from the festival. Please note: The 27th and 28th of September are already fully booked. Currently Stayokay only has the following options available on the 24th and 25th of September: 8 person dorm room (35 eur per person incl. breakfast), 4 person room (149,50 eur per room incl. breakfast), 2 person room (85 eur per room incl. breakfast).


    Scheepmakersstraat 27 2515 VA The Hague


    T: +31 (0)70 315 78 88


    Website: www.stayokay.com



    Hotel Corona


    Situated next to the Buitenhof and close to the festival locations (walking distance).


    Buitenhof 39 – 42 2513 AH The Hague


    T: +31 70363 7930


    E: info@corona.nl


    Website: www.corona.nl

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    Supervisory Board
    Piet Barendse
    Robert Koetsier
    Alex Adriaansens
    Nicole van Vessum


    Artistic Director
    Olof van Winden


    Managing Director
    Natasja van der Horst


    Remco Schuurbiers
    Tim Terpstra
    David Veneman


    John de Weerd
    Tim Terpstra


    Marketing & Communication
    Danielle Boelling
    David Veneman
    Evita Lammes


    Sara Halbertsma
    Hanna van de Ven
    Ramses Nieuwenhuizen


    Artist Handling & External Relations
    Stacie Lyons


    Annelieke Plugge


    Volunteers team
    Joya de Bock
    Moniek van der Kwaak
    Isabel Sánchez Cecilia


    Graphic Design & Campaign
    Collective Works


    Web Development
    Kyle Dukes


    Janet Leyton Grant
    Tim Terpstra
    Mik Maes


    Christiaan van der Kooy


    Tanja Busking


    TodaysArt Moscow
    Ivan Antonov
    Yasha Yavorskaya


    TodaysArt Kobe
    Masaaki Ishizaki

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    TodaysArt is a platform organization that revolves around the presentation and development of adventurous and contemporary visual arts and performing arts in the urban environment. Since 2005, TodaysArt has brought local and international artists, thinkers and audiences together worldwide. TodaysArt is a stage for international talent and pioneers who explore the possibilities of new and often controversial forms of expression.


    The organization’s main activities includes:
    TodaysArt Festival The Hague
    TodaysArt Festival Moscow
    TodaysArt festival Kobe
    TodaysArt Agency


    TodaysArt has built up an impressive international profile over the past seven years by presenting and producing works that are developed through direct and intensive relationships with some of today’s leading artists. A hub member of International Cities of Advanced Sound and related arts (ICAS) – an international network of independent festivals – TodaysArt is consistently involved in international collaborations, by sending Dutch artists to creative centres across the globe and bringing international pioneering and/or talented artists to local audiences.

    Download: TodaysArt CV



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