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Nora Vaage

Philosopher, Maastricht University
22 September
Grey Space in the Middle
Nora Vaage

Dr. Nora S. Vaage is an assistant professor in philosophy of art and culture at Maastricht University.

She is an interdisciplinary researcher, with expertise in philosophy, science and technology studies (STS) and art, and has a special interest in ethics and the role of art in society.

Nora has occasionally worked as an art critic and curator, and co-curated the 2016 Article Biennial, New Eden, in Stavanger, Norway, bringing together a lot of her interests regarding how art can engage with, communicate and critique developments in biotechnology. If her comments on Ben-Ary’s work pique your interest, have a look at her other recent articles ‘What Ethics for Bioart?’ (2016) and ‘Fringe Biotechnology’ (2017).