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Mirik Milan

Former Night Mayor of Amsterdam
21 September
Bleyenberg Floor 2
Mirik Milan

Mirik Milan is the former Night Mayor of Amsterdam and a longtime creative director of some of the Dutch capital’s most celebrated events. Since 2012, Mirik Milan has played an instrumental role in the reshaping of Amsterdam’s nightlife scene into one of the most vibrant and economically robust in the world.

His innovative position is fast becoming replicated in major nightlife-focused cities around the world, like New York, Paris and London.

His vast experience and familiarity with the Amsterdam scene made him the perfect candidate to head the city’s new nightlife office (2012 – 2018). As the inaugural Nachtburgemeester, Mirik was the figurehead and spokesperson for all things concerning nightlife in the Dutch capital. His team’s major achievements include working with the hotel and catering industry to introduce 24-hour venue permits and bringing innovative approaches to dramatically reducing crime in the city’s once-troubled Rembrandtplein district.

In 2017, Mirik gave over 25 international talks to city governments and planners, advising them on how to better deal with their Night Time Economy; and became a partner for the Creative Footprint—a global civic initiative that measures and indexes creative space. Founded by his Berlin counterpart Lutz Leichsenring, the Creative Footprint sees Mirik work more intimately with major global cities looking to monitor and stimulate their creative and nightlife economies.