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Hani Mortaja

Gaza Sky Geeks
21 September
Hani Mortaja

Hani Mortaja is the Co-working Space and Community Manager of Gaza Sky Geeks, a tech-accelerator, co-working space, and the first full-stack code academy in Gaza.

Hani is a problem solver, a techie, and a logistics/operations superstar. While studying in the IT college at the Islamic University of Gaza, he began working with Gaza’s first startup accelerator, Gaza Sky Geeks, starting as a logistics assistant volunteer in 2014 and growing into one of GSG’s most valuable team members today. In his current role, Hani manages all co-working space operations in Gaza city and the southern Gaza Strip in addition to working with all GSG program leads on building a strong community.

Hani never misses an opportunity to take part in valuable conferences and events in Gaza. Bringing together his interests in art and creative technology, Hani has participated in Gaza’s first hologram event and was the Technical Director for the “At home in Gaza and London” project.

Hani is a passionate adventurer with a soft spot for photography and art, he also enjoys cooking in his spare time.