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Carolien Teunisse

Visual media artist
22 September
The Grey Space in the Middle RNDR
Carolien Teunisse

Carolien Teunisse is a Utrecht based visual media artist, researcher and curator.

With her artworks she aims to discover interesting dialogues that occur between different types of media, merging realities and between humans and technology by using projection and sensing devices to create installations and immersive live experiences. Besides creating these works, she is also passionate about passing knowledge and skills on to others, ranging from children to professional creatives.

She is a member and co-founder of DEFRAME, a collective of visual artists whose focus lies on audiovisual installations and live visual performances. She is a co-founder of FIBER, a Dutch interdisciplinary organisation which presents new developments in audiovisual art, digital culture and electronic music.

Together with Fabian van Sluijs she organizes meetups, workshops and other events on using programming for artistic and creative purposes, as Creative Coding Utrecht.