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Transforma & Sascha Ring – Manufactory

Presented by We Are Europe
21 + 22 September
Theater aan het Spui
Transforma & Sascha Ring – Manufactory

‘Manufactory’ is a unique performance narrated by musician and composer Sascha Ring, artist group Transforma and choreographer Johanna Hwang. Step into a multi-layered factory floor, where the repetition and physicality of manual labour gain new meaning in an abstract audiovisual storyline.

Manufactory combines live video, physical theatre and music into a compelling audiovisual whole. It reflects upon the historical changes in work patterns and manual labour, and the development of its relation to humans. The live installation was inspired by the history of working practices: from early craft workers to the daily rhythms of modern factories and production lines.

Electronic composer Sascha Ring, better known under his artist name Apparat, is known for his eclectic sound and broad musical horizon. At Manufactory he will be setting the stage for the factory with his phasing and looping whilst Berlin-based artist group Transforma will be performing the story in a live visual experience.

This project is presented in collaboration with The Barbican Hall and CTM Festival. Moreover, it is presented in the framework of We Are Europe in collaboration with c/o pop.

Sascha Ring will also perform a DJ-set at TodaysArt. Read more.