What is TodaysArt?

From a festival organization to an international platform for trans-disciplinary creativity: ever since the launch of its first edition in 2005, TodaysArt has been bringing artists, thinkers, and audiences together in an ever-changing, yet inspiring setting.


Inspired by relevant political and artistic topics, TodaysArt aspires to promote and foster innovation and creativity as well as public interest for current developments within arts, culture, and society.

The network specializes in the presentation and development of emerging digital culture and contemporary visual and performing arts. By doing so, TodaysArt connects local and international talent to established creators and pioneers to collectively explore new possibilities and forms of expression. The festival is known for its surprising settings: every year, the festival travels through the city of The Hague before temporarily finding its niche in a wide array of unconventional public spaces and venues.

Over the past thirteen years, TodaysArt has built up an impressive international profile by presenting and producing works that are developed in collaboration with some of today’s leading creators. TodaysArt’s key activity is the annual TodaysArt festival in The Hague. Besides this, the network organizes and participates in a variety of international events, exhibitions, and acts as a co-producer for the development and distribution of artists and projects in The Netherlands as well as abroad.

More information: http://todaysart.org


“TodaysArt silently rebels against the heavyweight-headliner virus by giving a platform to emerging talents that do not necessarily operate within a club context.” – Resident Advisor

“The Hague-based TodaysArt is one of the most progressive festivals in the world, with editions in Mexico, Koeweit, Moskou and Tokyo.”
– DJBroadcast (Dutch original)

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The festival wouldn’t be what it is today without the great efforts by everyone involved in the organization.


Festival Director
Olof van Winden

Supervisory Board
Marieke Dekker – Chairman
Frans van der Harst – Treasurer
Floris Kaayk
Michaël Roumen

TodaysArt The Hague
Karel Feenstra – Strategy + Funding
Daniëlle de Hoog – Funding + Administration
Iris van der Wal – Project Manager
Bastiaan de Leeuw – Coordination + logistics

Artistic Team
Remco Schuurbiers
Petra Heck
Peter Zuiderwijk
Margarita Osipian
Joeri Woudstra

Marketing + PR
Inken Bornholdt
Elsemieke van der Heijden
Maaike Hammerstein
Lone Mokkenstorm

Willem Verheij
Danijela Furcic
Daan Jonkers

Volunteer coordination
Joya de Bock
Isabel Sánchez Cecilia

Identity and Graphic Design
Collective Works (Karin Mientjes + Peter Zuiderwijk)

Web development
buurmen (David Veneman + Tom Laan)

Refunc (Denis Oudendijk + Damian van der Velden + Arno Scheper)

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