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TodaysArt Festival
21-23 Sept 2018
The Hague

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Confirmed Program:

3694 clicks

Club: DJ / Live Performances

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Confirmed Program

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Performances, Concerts, A/V and Tech-shows

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Alex Augier & Alba G. Corral – end(O)

Too "helicoptery", they look like tiny Apaches.

Desaxismundi & Terminal Wolf – Inertia

Sometimes the elegant solution is a big, fat, slow-moving blimp.


1056 clicks

Nonotak – VERSUS

My cats are so annoying and troublemakers but I love them

Dasha Rush (live A/V) – Les Territoires Ephemeres

Lotic & Roderick George – Embryogenesis


Don’t honk the emperor.

Caterina Barbieri



Transforma & Sascha Ring – Manufactory


Deena Abdelwahed

Shed (live A/V)

DJ Lag

Thank you for wasting 121 seconds of my life


Oneohtrix Point Never – MYRIAD

Guy Ben-Ary – cellF

Counting sheep using a database is much more efficient.