We will fail - Poland - 24 September - We will fail - Poland - 24 September

"How am I expected to continue with all of the beauty left in the world."

We will fail

Under the alias We Will Fail, Warsaw-based sound artist and musician Alexandra Grünholz produces seductive industrial compositions that flirt with the fringes of club-oriented minimal techno yet remain faithful to the experimentation of their disquieting noise and gentle drone foundations.

The Polish artist has a sound that’s highly original with it’s contrasting energy and atmospheric power. Following on from her 2014 two-part debut album, Verstorung, Grünholz has recently released her latest album, Hand That Heals / Hand That Bites, on Monotype Records. Grünholz’s work is a steady cascade of rhythmic patterns, full of intricate details and oddities. Drones lean into manipulated field recordings and towards industrial techno. Her fragmented samples create an anxious tension itching for an eruption. Even within the club space, her  work is made to be listened to, with each encounter bringing a new revelation of sound.

This project is presented in the framework of SHAPE (Sound, Heterogeneous Art and Performance in Europe)



24 September


Theater aan het Spui - Zaal 2