Superflux – Drone Aviary - United Kingdom - 23 + 24 September - Superflux – Drone Aviary - United Kingdom - 23 + 24 September

"Eerie, provocative, well-conceived and executed. "

Superflux – Drone Aviary

Imagine a world where drones are as common as birds. Where the flurry of a flock of pigeons in a central city square is drowned out by the hum of little propellers whizzing by overhead. Where every step across public space is accompanied by an unmanned aerial vehicle, observing, recording, analyzing and reporting our every move. And where the collective network they form begins to gain physical autonomy, making decisions about our world and influencing our lives in profound but enigmatic ways. Such is the world envisioned by London-based design studio Superflux in their short film, The Drone Aviary. Part of a larger project that investigates the social, political and cultural potential of drone technology as it enters civil space, The Drone Aviary places the drone front and center, following five robotic protagonists as they go about their day.

23 + 24 September


Filmhuis Zaal 5