James Bridle – Drone Shadow - United Kingdom - 24 September - James Bridle – Drone Shadow - United Kingdom - 24 September

"Challenging our collective conscience, British artist, writer and shadow catcher James Bridle crafts a tangible and touchable allusion to the clandestine forces that lurk high above our heads."

James Bridle – Drone Shadow

With little more than a white painted outline, London-based artist, writer and creative technologist James Bridle swiftly brings the devastating and very real consequences of military drone technology back down to earth. Presented at the Spuiplein in the run up to TodaysArt 2016, his open source work Drone Shadow is an immense, 1:1 silhouette of the notorious Reaper drone, a remotely controlled, unmanned aerial vehicle used to carry out strikes in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and elsewhere. In outlining the shadow of these clandestine forces in unexpected public spaces, Bridle not only pulls back the veil on the invisible technologies that obscure and distance us from political and moral responsibility, he also sheds light on the impact that have on our daily lives.

24 September