EL Rik (Espresso Records) - The Netherlands - 23 + 24 September - EL Rik (Espresso Records) - The Netherlands - 23 + 24 September

EL Rik (Espresso Records)

The Hague-based DJ and Espresso Records founder EL Rik plays mainly world-music and eclectic dance music but also soul, funk, jazz and all kinds of new and old electronic stuff like acid, techno, ambient / dub and more. Always surprising the audience with forgotten gems and fine contemporary music. From a young age, EL Rik started playing classical music and collecting world music on all imaginable formats – tapes, Cd’s, digital and vinyl. After the tragic death of his beloved computer, on which he produced music, he started selling records to buy new ones and soon a travelling record-shop was born. Eight years in, EL Rik plays endless vinyl sets, floating between all kinds of genres, styles and BPMs. EL Rik is resident DJ at The Hague based ART network called AHF. At TodaysArt 2016, EL Rik helms the Spuiplein DJ booth throughout the festival weekend, inviting Kneena of Insect Presents (NY) for the Friday night and Gisberto, twice upon a time and Secunda of The Hague’s District Bookings the following day.


23 + 24 September