bRUNA & Wooky + Alba G. Corral - Spain - 24 September - bRUNA & Wooky + Alba G. Corral - Spain - 24 September

"Wow...what a trip. Best moment at Sónar by Day. Was rudely awakened at the end."

bRUNA & Wooky + Alba G. Corral

Long-time associates and staples of Barcelona’s rich and varied nightlife, producers bRUNA and Wooky unveiled their first collaborative album, a shimmering collection of lush, melodic electronica, this year. Joined onstage by visual artist Alba G. Corral, the audiovisual trio transport their mesmerizing Sónar debut to TodaysArt 2016.

As individuals bRUNA and Wooky are both pillars of Spanish electronic music, regularly seen throughout the European festival scene. Together, they co-direct Lapsus, a multidisciplinary project founded with three lines of activity: a radio, avant-garde festival and record label which has supported acts such as Dalhous and Plaid. Yet the melodic electronica of their new collaborative album Archives marks a new adventure for them both. Unfolding as an improvisation, the versatility of the collaboration is a sensory experience that explores the many divergences of ‘ambient’ in sound. Presenting it as a live performance they have teamed up with Alba G. Corral, an exciting, visual artist who cinematically translates the work into multiple digital media installations that encompasses the entire stage; spectacular lights and overwhelming video abstraction.

This project is presented in the framework of We are Europe by  Sónar Festival.



24 September


Theater aan het Spui - Zaal 1