BAKK presents: The Voice - The Netherlands - 24 September - BAKK presents: The Voice - The Netherlands - 24 September

"Cancel your plans or start making 'em now, BAKK is here for your entertainment."

BAKK presents: The Voice

Forged in the hallways of The Hague’s premier art academy, BAKK is the creative and musical outlet for hometown boys DJ Randstad, The Social Lover, and Steve Motto. Starting out as a KABK party crew, BAKK have evolved into a nightlife stronghold (BAKK Militia), record label (BAKK Records) and radio show (Odd Beat Radio). Hosting a steady stream of performances and releases by legends and underdogs alike, the trio pay tribute to the fabled acid jams and electro rhythms of their city’s squat scene past while charting new territories for the West Coast sound. Returning to TodaysArt for a second time, BAKK follows up 2014’s Club 2 closing set with a little something different. Taking control of Theater aan het Spui’s Foyer on the festival Saturday, BAKK present The Voice, an eclectic collection of local heroes and emerging DJ talent.

The complete lineup includes:
15:00 – Open/Closed (BAKK)
15:30 – RAFF (Clone)
16:00 – Robin Druiven (Strange Sounds from Beyond)
16:30 – Under Construction
17:00 – Mark Minkjan (Failed Architecture)
17:00 – Under Construction
17:30 – 751 (Oxygenbar)
18:30 – de Beet: van de spindokter
19:00 – Under Construction
19:15 – Marsdiep
20:00 – Safe Swim (Red Light Radio)
20:30 – Roderick Ruyghrock: heer van stand, connaisseur van alles en nog wat (Bunker)
21:00 – Under Construction
21:30 – Nimbus 3000 (Smikkelbaard)
22:00 – Noodlebar
23:00 – Haron (BAKK)

This project is presented in the framework of SHAPE (Sound, Heterogeneous Art and Performance in Europe)



24 September


Theater aan het Spui - Foyer

15:00 - 01:00