Ánde Somby - Norway - 24 September - Ánde Somby - Norway - 24 September

"Wonderful magic! A Sami genius. Fantastic!"

Ánde Somby

Yoiking is an ancient chanting practise of the Sámi People – the indigenous peoples of Northern Europe. Deeply rooted within that tradition, Ánde Somby is a Norwegian artist and associate professor at the Faculty of Law at the University of Tromsø who specialises in Indigenous Rights Law. Traditionally sung slowly and deep within the throat, yoiks are emotionally charged narratives, often dedicated to nature, animals or people. Somby’s technical skill has impressed globally, and, without eroding tradition, he has formed a characterised style that is expressive and quite magical to witness. His many animal yoiks take their inspiration from pre-Christian Sámi religion in which a person could transform into an animal and then back into a human. This goes some way to explain his embodied performances which extend the expectations of the human voice. Ánde Somby’s performance is presented in collaboration with our We are Europe friends, Insomnia Festival.

This project is presented in the framework of We are Europe by Insomnia Festival.



24 September


Theater aan het Spui - Zaal 2