Partner program: audio-DH

From Aaron & Nora to Zzodiakk, the A to Z of The Hague's audio-related artistry

Partner program: audio-DH

We are honoured to be joining our dear friends at Korzo Theater and iii to present the premiere of audio-DH: sonic manifestations on the eve of TodaysArt 2016. On Thursday, 22 September, Francisco Lopéz and the works of 250 of The Hague’s most creative minds take to the Korzo stage to unveil the wealth of vibrant sonic art created in the Hofstad.

Scan through Francisco López’s discography for a quick minute and two things becomes instantly clear, he’s a man of boundless creativity and not one to shy away from a challenge. With no fewer than 200 musical releases to his name on every single imaginable, format from cassette to digital through DVD and vinyl – and that’s not every scratching the surface of his written oeuvre – the iconoclastic sound artist and avant-garde composer is arguably the most prolific artist alive today.

But it’s in the content and concept of his releases that López is truly unique. For 1997’s La Selva, the Spanish-born experimentalist spent hours, days recording Costa Rica’s natural wonders from the rainforest floor, and then proceeded by releasing them, unfiltered and unmixed, as a 70-minute piece. For another, audio-MAD, López collected the works of a hundred of Madrid-based sound artists and weaved them into a single composition.

The latter feat is the foundation for his newest endeavour, audio-DH: sonic manifestations. Similarly titled, the project is an extension of audio-MAD, transplanted to a new city and with a new set of contributors. With the help of co-director Barbara Ellison and producers iii, López appointed fifty curators who in turn each selected five The Hague-based sound artists to submit a piece of their music. Tally it all and you end up with no less than 250 artists and works.

Audio-DH: sonic manifestations is the collective presentation of all submitted works, the sounds of 250 of The Hague’s most creative minds stitched together into an epic sonic collage that stretches the full and adventurous expanse of the city’s musical landscape. The final, mega-composition performed at Korzo is the product of HARING, a specifically developed and aptly-titled software that automatically combines and re-combines the works in a myriad of constellations.

The premiere at Korzo Theater on Thursday, 22 September is open to TodaysArt 2016 ticketholders at a discounted rate. All TodaysArt 2016 ticketholders, whether in possession of a Festival Pass or Day Pass will be able to purchase a ticket for €5,-. All you need to do is reserve a ticket by sending an email to