Lineupdate: Better Late Than Never

20 new acts with 10 days to go!

Lineupdate: Better Late Than Never

Following on the heels of last week’s festival grounds and film program announcements, we’re now ready to, finally, unveil the completed TodaysArt 2016 lineup. Taking place in and around The Hague’s Spuiplein on 23+24  September, the adventurous program of performances, club nights, films, installations and interventions, talks, and workshops – which already included the likes of Pantha du Prince, Dopplereffekt + Antivj, NONOTAK and Paula Temple – will now be complemented by an additional 20 new artists. Add to that the TodaysArt 2016 timetable, and we’ve got the news you’ve all been anxiously anticipating.

Newly confirmed artists are: Nathan Fake, Elias Mazian, Matthias Oostrik, Machinefabriek, Ali Eslami + Ash Koosha, Christian Faelsnaes, Limpe Fuchs, La Jetée, Mike Rijnierse, BAKK presents The Voice ft. Safe Swim, Nimbus 3000, Noodlebar, Haron, 751, Marsdiep, Mata Hari, Mark Minkjan and De beet, Lukasz Żywna, Zahed Sultan, El Rik and Pangani.

TLDR; (ps.scroll down for Timetable and Ticket info at the bottom)

Renowned for his fuzzy-edged synths and pounding acidic techno, UK electronica wizard Nathan Fake has a reputation for deviating from the norm. Characterized by a versatility and progression that radiates on the dance floor, the Norfolk-born producer is undoubtedly a pioneer of our generation. Taking the reins from Pantha du Prince, Nathan Fake helms the Friday club night with his famously eclectic DJ-set, joining Norwegian upstart Charlotte Bendiks and fellow newcomers, Amsterdam DJ and one third of the lauded Love Triangle, Elias Mazian and Kuwaiti producer Zahed Sultan. The trio of Friday club additions replace Nosaj Thing + Daito Manabe, who we are sadly to report will unfortunately no longer be performing the European debut of their No Reality show at TodaysArt 2016 – or DJing for that matter. We promise to invite them back soon!

On the Saturday night, The Hague’s finest nightlife stronghold BAKK will bring along a horde of local heroes and emerging DJ talent to present The Voice. Completing a club lineup that already boasts the likes of Paula Temple, SØS Gunver Ryberg and We will fail, BAKK have invited, among others, Red Light Radio’s Safe Swim, Amsterdam producer Haron and Music From Memory affiliate 751.

We’ve also added to our ‘Works’ program by confirming a number of new installations and interventions. To summarize: Amsterdam-based artist and software developer Matthias Oostrik will present his latest installation,, an interactive anti­-surveillance machine that could very well have originated from the set of La Jetee, Blade Runner of THX 1138, while Iranian duo Ali Eslami + Ash Koosha showcase SNOW VR, an immersial virtual reality experience in which Koosha’s sonic palette forms the bedrock of Eslami’s alien landscape. Completing the program are Machinefabriek, who live scores Floris Kaayk + Ine Poppe’s screening of The Modular Body at Filmhuis, Justified Beliefs, an interactive performance piece by Danish artist Christian Faelsnaes, and Mike Rijnierse + Rob Bothof’s (inverted) kaleidoscopic light installation CUBE.

To conclude with something a little more practical; the what and who to see where and when. With the completed lineup we’re now able to share the full timetable for the main festival program days next weekend, Friday and Saturday. We’ve conveniently placed it in the top navigation bar. Please note that all performances in Zaal 1 of Theater aan het Spui have a limited capacity. As such, the doors to each performance in the space will be opened 15 minutes prior to start. We’ll try our best to accommodate everyone, but full = full – so be on time!

With all that full digested, you have no excuse but to get yourself a TodaysArt 2016 ticket. We’ve added an extra option for those of you less keen on a cathartic, transformative experience and instead fully committed to the late night. Club tickets are available at the Theater aan het Spui from 23.30 on both the Friday and Saturday night for a mere €12.50. For everyone else, there are the trusty Full Festival and Day Tickets for sale here.