10 Things You Need To Know About TodaysArt 2016

Program books are long reads, this article isn't!

10 Things You Need To Know About TodaysArt 2016

TodaysArt 2016 is here! Kicking off this evening with a little teaser at the Spuiplein, the first bits and pieces of TodaysArt 2016 will be unveiled this afternoon and culminate in tomorrow’s grand opening. By now you’ve probably read our program book, studied the timetable, sifted through the lineup and think you know just about everything there is to know about the festival weekend. Just in case, here are 10 things you may have missed and DEFINITELY need to know for your ultimate TodaysArt 2016 experience.

1. Partners in Crime

We’ve lined up two special programs for TodaysArt 2016 ticket-holders on the eve of the main festival program, Thursday 22 September. Korzo Theater offer up the debut of Spanish experimentalist Francisco López’s audio-DH: sonic manifestations, while Paard van Troje launch their new VESSELS series with Eartheater and Fetter. All TodaysArt 2016 ticket-holders, whether in possession of a Full Festival Pass or Day Ticket are able to purchase a ticket to the Korzo performance for a mere €5, and can attend VESSELS#1 for free. Visit their respective websites for more information.

audio-DH: sonic manifestations at Korzo Theater
VESSELS#1 at Paard van Troje

2. Double Entropy

Arguably the prize of TodaysArt 2016, Entropy is an immersive hour-long audiovisual performance by Dopplereffekt, Antivj, scientists and artist coders that’s making its long-awaited debut at our festival. To satisfy everyone’s curiosity, we’ve asked the team to take us on their journey through space and time twice. Join us in Zaal 1 of Theater aan het Spui at 16.00 or 19.00 on Saturday, 24 September.

3. Limited Seating

Do bear in mind that Zaal 1 of Theater aan het Spui has limited seating, meaning all performances taking place there have limited capacity. To ensure you can grab yourself a seat, we’ll open the doors to Zaal 1 roughly 15 minutes prior to the start of a performance. We’ll try our best to accommodate everyone, but once capacity has been reached, we can’t let anyone else in. In short, vol = vol, so be on time.

4. Club Tickets

We’ve added an extra ticket option for those of you less keen on a cathartic, transformative evening experience and instead fully committed to the late night. Club tickets are available at the Theater aan het Spui from 23.30 on both Friday and Saturday night and cost a mere €12.50.

5. Finissage

This year’s festival comes to its glorious conclusion on Sunday, 25 September at Pulchri Studio. We’ll close the festival with a Finissage at Pedro Reyes’ Disarm (Mechanized). The Finissage is open to all TodaysArt 2016 ticket-holders, whether you’ve got a Full Festival Pass or Festival Day Ticket.

6. The Creators Project Route + Screenings

Our friends and official TodaysArt 2016 partners, The Creators Project have picked through our festival lineup with a fine-toothed comb and devised a special route of 10 festival artists and projects that are an absolute must-see. Each stop on the route is marked with a little yellow emblem in the TodaysArt 2016 timetable. The Creators Project team also present an exclusive program of screenings at Zaal 5 in the Filmhuis that runs throughout the festival weekend and features, among others, TodaysArtists NONOTAK and Pedro Reyes.

7. Spuiplein agoras

Designed by ZUS [Zones Urbaines Sensibles], Collective Works and Refunc, the Spuiplein agoras form the heart of TodaysArt 2016 and are freely accessible to the public. They’ll play host to countless interventions, organized or otherwise, throughout the weekend. Feel free to get inside or climb on top, but please take care and play safe, they are temporary structures and therefore breakable and irreplaceable.

8. Program Book + Timetable

You can find detailed program information regarding the who, what, where and when of TodaysArt 2016 in our Program Book and Timetable. Grab a copy at any of the festival venues. Things do change, so if you can’t find what you’re looking for, check our website for the latest updates.

9. Look both ways when crossing the road

Fun fact: there’s a lot of traffic between the Spuiplein and festival venues Theater aan het Spui and the Filmhuis. It may just be a road separating the festival areas, but we advise you to keep an eye out for trams, bikes, cars and automobiles, and be sure to look both ways when crossing.

10. Tickets

Last but not least, we’re still selling tickets, online and at the main festival ticket office at Theater aan het Spui. In addition to the Club Tickets mentioned above, you can grab as many Full Festival Passes (€45) and Festival Day Tickets (€25) as your heart desires throughout TodaysArt 2016.