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Journalists, bloggers, photographers and other members of the press can submit an accreditation request to attend the festival.

In order to correctly process your accreditation you need to fill out all the blanks below. Your accreditation request will be taken under consideration only if you provide all the information requested. If you make the cut, you will be informed accordingly within three days, via the email address provided. The form is only applicable for one person. Max. two persons per medium can be accredited. In order to eligible for accreditation you agree to the following requirements:

* At least 1 item will be published in your medium.
* A copy of the item is sent to galina[at]todaysart(dot)nl in the proper format when the item is published.

Accredication form OR send and email to galina[at]todaysart(dot)nl
* Formats: text / article in .pdf – Pictures in high res .jpeg – video footage in .avi, highest quality possible.

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Press release - TodaysArt 2016

Previous press release with regards to TodaysArt 2016

30.5.2016 – Press release [ENG]
TodaysArt 2016 announces first names 
30.5.2016 – Persbericht [NL]
TodaysArt 2016 kondigt eerste namen aan
14.6.2016 – Press release [ENG]
TodaysArt 2016 presents Disarm by Pedro Reyes
14.6.2016 – Persbericht [NL]
TodaysArt 2016 presenteert Disarm van Pedro Reyes
8.7.2016 – Press release [ENG]
TodaysArt 2016 presents the world premiere of Entropy
20.7.2016 – Press release [ENG] 
Sónar and Insomnia Festival to co-present exclusive performances at TodaysArt 2016
20.7.2016 – Persbericht [NL]
Sónar en Insomnia Festival co-presenteren exclusieve performances tijdens TodaysArt 2016

9.9.2016 – Press release [ENG]
TodaysArt takes over the Spuiplein!

9.9.2016 – Persbericht [NL]
TodaysArt pakt de ruimte op het Spuiplein!

13.9.2016 – Press release [ENG]
TodaysArt completes festival lineup

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Press archive

Media coverage with regards to TodaysArt 2016

30.5.2016 – Resident Advisor:
”Pantha du Prince and Paula Temple play at TodaysArt 2016”
31.5.2016 – The Creators Project NL:
”Dit zijn de eerste van het TodaysArt Festival in Den Haag”
8.7.2016 – Resident Advisor:
”New Dopplereffekt audiovisual show debuts at TodaysArt 2016′
8.7.2016 – Juno Plus:
”New Dopplereffekt project to debut at TodaysArt 2016”
8.7.2016 – University of Portsmouth:
”Arts Festival date for Portsmouth astronomer”
1.8.2016 – Resident Advisor:
“Top 10 September 2016 Festival”
3.8.2016 – DJBroadcast:
“De dancescene is een fucking industrie”
12.9.2016 – Gonzo (circus)
12.9.2016 – Gonzo (circus)
15.9.2016 – The Creators Project:
“Dit zijn onze 10 favorieten voor TodaysArt in Den Haag”
19.9.2016 – Digitalarti
20.9.2016 – The Creators Project:
“Kunstenaars wetenschappers en muzikanten verklaren het universum in Entropy”
21.9.2016 – The Creators Project:
“Architectenbureau ZUS zoekt de grenzen van de haagse publieke ruimte op”
22.9.2016 – The Creators Project:
“In de rij staan wordt een psychologisch en politiek spelletje tijdens TodaysArt”
23.9.2016 – NRC Handelsblad
“Wetenschap ontmoet kunst in Den Haag”
25.9.2016 – 3voor12 Den Haag
TodaysArt 2016
26.9.2016 – DJBroadcast
“Ontregelen verbazen omver blazen”
26.9.2016 – The Creators Project
“Todaysart in 25-fotos”
27.9.2016 – Resident Advisor
TodaysArt 2016 – Review
30.9.2016 – Gonzo (circus)
TodaysArt 2016 – Review

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