Avinash Kumar – UnBox Festival

Avinash Kumar – UnBox Festival

27 September

TodaysArt Network


Avinash Kumar is a visual artist, designer and researcher based in New Delhi, India. He is the co-founder of three creative entities - all set up with a collective of artists and friends.

Quicksand is a studio and consultancy working in various contexts of development, enterprise and innovation. BLOT (Basic Love Of Things) is a media and electronic arts collective in which Avinash performs as a visual jockey.

Finally, UnBox, the festival Avinash is representing at TodaysArt 2014, is a platform for interdisciplinary arts since 2011. In its first three years, UnBox has brought together practitioners and audiences from a wide variety of disciplines to share, collaborate and create through our festival, fellowships and labs.

The relationship with TodaysArt has begun on the back of an UnBox collaboration with Gwyneth Wentink last year in New Delhi.