Artist:Yolanda Uriz – Kulunka
Date + Time:27 September - 19:00 - 23:00
28 September - 12:00 - 23:00
Location: binnenlandse zaken - floor 0 - 19
Website: http://yolandauriz.info


Yolanda Uriz Elizalde studied music and recently completed her Master’s at ArtScience, The Hague. Her work, both solo and in collaboration, ranges from experimental music to installations.

"I dedicate my work to the creation of sensory experiences. I search for the edges of what we can perceive in phenomena and on ways to expand those boundaries. In my search for a complete perception of the present moment and other possible conscious states connecting with our physicality, I ultimately pursue awareness of the self as being a genuine part of each particular network of space and time. I use sound as my main medium exploring the phenomenon itself from a personal perspective."

Her work has been presented in festivals like Sonic Acts (NL), WRO Media-Art Biennale (PL), Kontraste (AU), STRP (NL), SPARK (USA), Oddstream (NL) and others.

Pursuing a new subjective paradigm based on self sensorial awareness, '~~Kulunka~~' overcomes the overload of audiovisual stimuli by experiencing our physical limits morphing in connection with the vibrating surroundings.' ~~Kulunka~~' is longing for a re-encounter with the tangible. It is an installation where to see, hear and touch sound waves, immersed in the sway of its oscillations. Embraced in
a tactile sonic experience, viewers contemplate a universe of all pervading vibrations in an astral travel for the in and out of the body experience, where the boundaries between imagination and reality blur in an amalgamation of the senses. It is an immersive journey across sound and light encounters in space.

Low frequencies, transmitted to water in a glass container by four speaker membranes, activate resonant phenomena where patterns of waves are created. This morphing geometries are illuminated by strobing high powered LEDs and projected into an undulated hanging screen. At the same time, tactile transducers vibrate attached to platforms where the visitors lay down, allow them to “listen” with their bodies, feeling how this vibrations move under their skin and evoke a peculiar sensation of gravity and - at times - the loss of it, under the rhythms of the composition. The harmonic series of the not audible frequencies applied to the water, are diffused in a three-dimensional fashion through a four-channel sound system. The work was co-produced by Sonic Acts / Kontraste.


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