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A multifaceted narrative about the bright and dark side of The Hague as International City of Peace and Justice.

"See You in The Hague," the Palestinians yell threateningly at Israeli border guards who behave badly. But ‘See You in The Hague,' could also be the slogan of a The Hague's city marketing brochure, in the hope of luring tourists to the royal city by the sea. The cultural programme See You in The Hague sheds light on both the bright and dark side of a city that not only is the royal capital and seat of the Dutch government, but since 2012 also bears the motto of Peace and Justice in its coat of arms. See You in The Hague is a multifaceted narrative about a city that evokes feelings of hope and freedom throughout the entire world, but also of fear and conflict.

The city of The Hague hosts more than 130 organizations who are actively concerned with peace and justice, the majority of which are accommodated in heavily guarded buildings in the so-called International Zone, in the midst of the residential areas near Scheveningen. The zone's public space is dominated by high fences, security cameras and policemen on guard in their familiar white stations. The Hague invests a great deal of energy in promoting itself as an international City of Peace and Justice. The complex situation of the city's public image on the one hand and its self-image on the other, of both justice and peace and conflict, of constructive contributions to world peace that sometimes
have destructive consequences for harmony in the city, of operating on the world stage and switching to the local stage, of a comfortable peace and an uncomfortable security, of an open society and closed zones - is is a complexity that returns in many guises in See You in The Hague.

See You in The Hague starts on September 7, 2013 with the opening of the exhibition Double Centre by Dutch artist Charles van Otterdijk at Stroom Den Haag. The exhibition Architecture of Peace - The Good Cause, curated by Archis/Volumehas been postponed until 2014 (more information will follow). From 20 October 2013 the sculpture Scaffold by the American artist Sam Durant will be on view in the centre of the International Zone of The Hague, on the President Kennedylaan opposite the Museon (and also near ICC and OPCW). In the Stroom library (and library window) there is the small presentation The Hague World Capital, about the plans in 1905 to create a ‘World Capital of Internationalism' in the vicinity of The Hague.

Throughout the rest of the 2013 and into 2014, a program of shows, performances, festivals, debates and design studios will unfold in collaboration with municipal, national and international (cultural) institutions.

7 September 2013 - mid October 2014
Locations: Stroom Den Haag and various other locations in The Hague (t.b.a.)
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