Artist:FIBER + SETUP – Open Tools Lab + Workshop
Date + Time: 28 September - 12:00 - 15:30
Location: binnenlandse zaken - first floor
Module:works, symposium, workshops
Website: http://codedmatters.nl
Vimeo: http://vimeo.com/fiberfestival
Soundcloud: http://soundcloud.com/fiberfestival
Facebook: http://facebook.com/events/411970625569847/
Twitter: http://twitter.com/fiberfestival


Are you interested in sharing code, digital tools and your knowledge with other creators? Would you like to brainstorm about new ideas, or to present a project or prototype? Bring your computer and join us at the Open Tools Lab by FIBER and SETUP.

Date: Saturday 28 September
Open Lab: 12:00 - 15:30
Workshop: 12:30 - 13:30
Venue: Conference Room, Floor 01
Entrance: Symposium + Exhibition Ticket (or day ticket / weekend ticket)
Register: http://codedmatters.nl/

FIBER and SETUP are organizing the Open Tools meet-up and workshop to complement the 'Creative Code' program, part of the TodaysArt 2013 Symposium, which is organized by DOTS and TodaysArt in the afternoon. The lab is a meeting place, open work session and presentation for all creators and visitors of the DOTS symposium and TodaysArt festival. We invite everyone works with - or is simply interested in - code to share their experiences, tricks and/or tools. The lab is an informal gathering; everyone can join or just visit.

SETUP will give a workshop as a sneak preview of their upcoming ‘Apps om in te lijsten’ (apps to frame) course for beginners. In this workshop
coders and interested people without experience will be taught in one hour how to modify a Breakout game written in Processing into an interactive work of art that will be framed and shown on the wall. The workshop is based on Steph Thirion’s 'Gamemod'. Participants will be guided by two experienced Processing coders.

This event is a part of FIBER’s 'Coded Matter(s)' event series, which explores the impact of code and digital processes within the realms of art, design and music. 'Coded Matter(s)' is supported by the Creative Industries Fund NL.

SETUP’s 'Apps om in te lijsten' will be an introductory course about creative coding for everybody. They are looking for coders, art organizations and participants. 'Apps om in te lijsten' is supported by the Creative Industries Fund NL. 'Jij maakt het mee' is supported by Fonds Cultuur Participatie.


Registration: http://codedmatters.nl/
Facebook event: http://facebook.com/events/411970625569847/
FIBER: http://fiber-space.nl/
SETUP: http://setup.nl/
Game Mod: http://trsp.net/teaching/gamemod/
Creative Coding cursus: http://setup.nl/content/de-creatief-programmeren-cursus-maken
Apps om in te lijsten: http://setup.nl/content/apps-om-te-lijsten-kickstart

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