Artist:Erfan Abdi – Radial
Date + Time: 27 September - 20:10 - 20:40
Location: city hall - sphæræ
Website: http://erfanabdi.com/
Vimeo: http://vimeo.com/user333699


Erfan Abdi is an Iranian artist and designer based in The Hague. He has an interest in self-made instruments for expression and composition. He is also a member of iii.

His works range from interface and interaction design to live performance, music composition, installation, video and graphic design. In his works he creates experiences that engage the audience's comprehension through simultaneous stimuli, and seeks to evoke multi modal perception. He has presented his work in venues and places such as Ars Electronica, NIME (conference on
New Interfaces for Musical Expression), STRP, Steim, Hoogtij and Studio Loos.

Erfan about his 'Radial' piece in Sphaerae: "Lines that cross to make dots, with sounds of drones and micro-tones, improvised on Notesaaz, and seen from within the Sphaerae. You are invited to see and hear. Now that you know the language, here is a story."
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