Artist:Dick Raaijmakers – De Lange Mars
Date + Time:27 September - 19:00 - 23:00
28 September - 12:00 - 23:00
Location: binnenlandse zaken - floor 0 - 19
Website: http://v2.nl/archive/articles/chronology-work-and-life-of-dick-raaymakers/


Throughout its history, TodaysArt, along with many colleague institutions and artists, dedicated projects and programs to the spirit of Raaijmakers, one of the most important pioneers of electronic music composition and music theatre.

We were very sad to hear about the passing of Dick Raaijmakers on September 4th this year. Recent years were very special, as TodaysArt contributed to the restoration of ‘Ideofoon I’ that was initiated by Witteveen+Bos and realized in close collaboration with V2_, NIMk and the Institute of Sonology. In the coming years we will continue with the large scale restoration project of his ‘Ideofoon’ series followed by both national and international presentations of the works. Hereby we hope to contribute to introduce more people to his oeuvre, spirit and ideas. At TodaysArt 2013 we will present a small but special tribute to Dick Raaijmakers.

'De Lange Mars' is a piece for so-called "Chinese violins": non-authentic, one-string violins made of broomsticks and cheap bongo drums. 'De
Lange Mars' was first performed in Eindhoven on June 18th, 1971, by Het Leven, a group from The Hague. Later, on the CD-box 'The Complete Tape Music of Dick Raaijmakers' a shortened recording appeared. In the personal collection of Raaijmakers there is a recording of 'De Lange Mars' which is labeled as "origineel" (original) and dated 28 November 1971. It is unclear whether it is a live recording or a studio recording. For TodaysArt, the 40-minute recording has been transformed into an "infinite" 'Lange Mars' for eight speakers by Kees Tazelaar (head of the Sonology department and a close personal friend of Raaijmakers), which will be played throughout an entire floor throughout the TodaysArt festival 2013 as an homage to the life and work of Raaijmakers.


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