Artist:Bas van Koolwijk – Runaway AV
Date + Time: 27 September - 20:50 - 21:20
Location: city hall - sphæræ
Website: http://basvankoolwijk.com


Video and audio artist Bas van Koolwijk uses both sound and image, be it analogue or in numerical code, as interchangeable data. Van Koolwijk will perform as part of the Sphaerae program.

He produces visual and acoustic compositions in which both manifestations powerfully interact. His audiovisual works can often be seen as an attack on the illusion of the medium itself. To perform these interactions between sound and image Van Koolwijk develops hardware and software applications. The results of which are reflected in different projects such as live performances, installations and single screen videos. Bas van Koolwijk is half of the duo SYNCHRONATOR, a collaboration with Gert-Jan Prins.

In synthetic biology, modular biological
functions are used to build novel biological devices and systems. In this regard, similarities between the design of biological systems and that of electronic equipment are quite obvious. But the most striking difference between the two must certainly be the fact that the development of a biological system continues after its construction. It grows. In his audio-visual performance 'Runaway AV' it is the software that gradually gains autonomy, resulting in a runaway process whereby the system continues to develop a growing complexity.


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