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Hi Nalden, tell a little about yourself and WeTransfer.


Hi, I’m Nalden and together with Bas Beerens we started WeTransfer. Borne out of a simple need to provide a solution for people to send large files easily – “something your parents could use” – without the complications of logins, signup forms, data capture and intrusive banner advertising.


What is the main idea about the wallpapers as a business model in WeTransfer?

For a great deal of web services the experience stops the minute advertising gets involved. For us advertising an intrinsic part of the total experience and we work hard to make sure the experience doesn’t end the minute you upload or download something. We try to put the love back into advertising. The advertising allows us to keep the service free to use. Apart from the ads we also support the creative community by showcasing creative wallpapers for free to improve the overall experience on WeTransfer. By doing so we have built an amazing network of people – artists, illustrators, film makers, entrepreneurs, photographers, shop keepers and artisans.


Since recently you started exhibiting artists on WeTransfer, what was your reason to do this?


Actually, we’ve been doing this from the start. Before WeTransfer, I was doing this on my blog, Nalden.net, for years and I wanted to bring that DNA into WeTransfer to enrich the overall user experience. Call it Karma :)


Do you see changes in the way art is distributed online compared to the former situation?


I see more & more art in code. I mean there’s more artists discovering the possibilities of the web and its connectivity. You see more WebGL / HTML5 experiments coming from Google Labs for instance, working together with artists like Arcade Fire and Ok Go. They make incredible stuff. But also the bigger artists are exploring new ways to distribute or showcase their work via platforms like Artsy.net or Kuvva.com. The distribution of digital files always has been a hassle since attachments to mail are limited to a certain size. With WeTransfer we basically provide in a need to simply send big files, for free.


What do you think is the potential for the distribution of art online?


I think it’s not about distribution but about embedding art online. It would be great if more platforms and services would embed ‘art’ into it’s eco-system.


What can be the effect on the gallery space of art first exhibited online?


I think it can stimulate business. Artsy.net is the best proof point on this. All art on this platform is provided by verified galleries. They still get their commissions once the artwork is sold, but they now talk to a bigger audience ;)


Why did you choose to let TodaysArt use WeTransfer as a means of communication/marketing?


We love supporting the creative community and events like TodaysArt. It’s the kind of event you’d tell your friends about right? Well, we do exactly the same with our wallpapers and our users…


Do you have any favorites in the TodaysArt 2013 program that you would like to see yourself?


I’ve been a fan of Aram Bartholl for years now, so I’m curious what he’s up to. I’m also expecting a lot from creative code. But overall I’d like to be surprised… I think that’s one of the great things that happens at great events like these.

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