Mini-interview: 2562

Hi! Can you tell us something about yourself and your work?


C’mon TodaysArt, don’t pretend like we’ve never met before ;) . I guess this is where I should promote myself to those who haven’t heard of me. I’m not very good at that. You may want to have a listen to my music instead: http://soundcloud.com/2562amadeupsound


What do you expect of your performance at TodaysArt?


It’ll be the maiden voyage of a new liveset featuring material I’ve never performed before, so it could go anywhere from spectacularly wrong to surprisingly right. The only guarantee is that you will hear an hour’s worth of music you’ve never heard before and won’t be able to hear in recorded form anytime soon.


Do you have some favorites in the TodaysArt 2013 program to which you are looking forward?


I’m keen to check out Morton Subotnick. you don’t get that chance every day. Coincidentally I just picked up one of his early lp’s the other week and I’m very curious to see him working his Buchla system live.



2562 will perform at 00:00 on Friday 27 September in Club 1. The line-up features Clark, UntoldTM404, Juju & Jordash and Yosi Horikawa.


If you can’t wait for his performance or new full-length album: he will release a new record ‘After Hours’ / ‘What Preset’ as A Made Up Sound early October:



Read more about 2562: http://todaysart.nl/2013/program/2562

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