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TodaysArt is very pleased to present its most innovative and exciting arts program to date with works balancing on the borders of visual art, e-culture, science, technology, design and architecture.

Marina Abramovic – as a project of the Marina Abramovic Institute’s Science Chamber – presents ‘The Mutual Wave Machine’ by Suzanne Dikker and Matthias Oostrik, which was developed in collaboration with Peter BurrMatthew Patterson Currya and Diederik Schoorl. This interactive neurofeedback installation embodies the elusive notion of “being on the same wavelength” with another person through brainwave synchronization within an audiovisual environment. The presentation of this project is the first stage of what promises to become a structural collaboration between TodaysArt and the Marina Abramovic Institute. Be sure to support the realization of the Marina Abramovic Institute until August 25th.


Jennifer Kanary Nikolov(a) presents ‘Labyrinth Psychotica’, an artistic research project about the experience of psychosis. The project transforms your direct perceptions into a simulation of psychosis, allowing you to experience how psychosis blends realities and perceptions.

In collaboration with FutureEverything, TodaysArt presents ‘Chattr’ at TodaysArt. This interactive and provocative design experiment led by artist Ben Dalton asks a deep question about the Internet and our life online – how much of our data are we willing to leak into the public online domain? We live in an always online world, and are growing accustomed to our online interactions being saved, stored, and sold by global online companies. The lines between offline and online, and also private and public, are becoming increasingly blurred. Could private conversations captured in public places be next?

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TodaysArt 2013 video summary now online

An audiovisual summary of the 9th edition of the TodaysArt Festival in The Hague, which took place on 27 + 28 September in the former ministry of interior and kingdom relations (binnenlandse zaken) and the Atrium of the City Hall.

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Binnenlandse Zaken opened until 27 October

In case you missed the TodaysArt 2013 exhibition and would still like to visit the former ministry building, Binnenlandse Zaken will be opened until the 27th of October.

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DOTS launch

Nanda from DOTS Magazine sent us some info regarding the upcoming relaunch of DOTS Magazine this Friday (27th)

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