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Nanda from DOTS Magazine sent us some info regarding the upcoming relaunch of DOTS Magazine this Friday (27th)


TodaysArt & DOTS Digital Art Magazine, a match made in heaven. And that’s why we are exceptionally proud to kick of DOTS’ new website and app at the festival on September 27th!


We won’t just  celebrate our own private party there, but will show you our favorite artists. Like innovative fashion designer Marga Weimans. At our official launch, we will present her Hyper Fabric Dress, on which she collaborated with augmented reality specialists Sander Veenhof and Luciano Pinna. To Marga, every layer that can add up to a spectacular garment is welcome, even a digital layer. This dress was first presented at Amsterdam Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2013, as part of her Body Archive collection, and is the First Augmented Reality Dress in the world. In our eyes this dress definitely deserves attention, for it ads an innovative dimension to the future of fashion.


We’ve also invited Paul Prudence to log in to the new DOTS platform for the very first time! His work is featured in the very first motion cover of the new DOTS app! A great opportunity to toast with him and ask him some questions on the spot. He is performing himself later that night in the Sphaerae!


Why are we relaunching DOTS? Since March 2012, DOTS is a digital English-language publication. Your international guide through the world of contemporary art, technology and creativity. As we speak, we are refurbishing and rebuilding the DOTS platform and app to make it more accessible and rich. A great experience, qualitative information and comfort are most important to us.


Want to join us? The launch of the new DOTS platform is Friday September 27th at 19:30 o’clock  in the Foyer Binnenlandse Zaken. It is Freely accessible, a nice start to your TodaysArt weekend!

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