Club program additions

Our first ever self-built Club venue in the cafeteria of a former Ministry building, a space where 17.500 government employees used to have lunch, becomes a stage for some of the finest developments in electronic dance music out there today. Friday and Saturday night will dominated by a wide array of techno, house and bass music, including unique live shows and dj sets.


Added to this already monumental lineup is electronic heavyweight Clark. He will present a brand new audiovisual live show following his upcoming epic release ‘Feast / Beast’ on Warp Records.


Untold, who has reinvigorated the climate of dancefloors around the globe and elevated dubstep into uncharted territories – combining it with grime, jungle and more recently techno – is on board for a two-hour set.



Dave Huismans, who laid out a singular and influential vision of broken rhythms, off time percussion, inventive sampling techniques and field recording, re-imagining techno and bass music at each and every turn, brings back his 2562 project to TodaysArt for the world premiere of a new live set which features 100% previously unheard music.



Closing off with this new round of additions to the Club program, we are very proud to present the first-ever Juju & Jordash show in The Hague, whose live set consists of a vivid and largely organic approach to house music that leaves few lines left to color outside of.

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