Ticket Shop

Day € 25 (CJP Pass: 17,50)
Weekend € 35 (CJP Pass: 22,50)
Weekend Support* € 55
Combi-Ticket TodaysArt The Hague + Brussels** € 60
Tickets still available at the festival!
VVV UITBuro, Centrale Bibliotheek, Spui 68
Day € 35
Weekend € 45
Weekend Support* € 55
Combi-Ticket TodaysArt The Hague + Brussels** € 60

* A Weekend Support Ticket allows you to support TodaysArt with an extra contribution.
** A Combi-Ticket provides you access to both festivals: TodaysArt.NL 2011 (The Hague, 23 + 24 September) + TodaysArt.BE 2011 (Brussels, 29 September to 1 October)

CJP Ticket Shop

General Info
We would like to keep the festival accessible to everyone. That means doing everything we can to keep the ticket prices low while offering a high quality programme, and retaining our position as one of the least expensive art, music and technology festivals of this scale in the world.As always, programmes and events presented in public space will be freely accessible and programmes and events presented indoors will be accessible with a festival day- or weekend ticket.
For the exact opening hours for each location, check the timetable in the programme book and on the website. Be sure to arrive early to secure your entrance to a specific event.

Tickets can be obtained at the Ticket shop (Spuiplein, see map). The pre-sale tickets are to be printed out and switched for wristbands at the Ticket shop.
Opening hours Ticket shop during the festival:
Friday 23 September – 19:00 – 00:30
Saturday 24 September – 12:00 – 00:30

You will be admitted to festival locations and performances only with a wristband. The wristbands are valid from 20:00 (Friday 23 September) and 12:00 (Saturday 24 September) until the last location closes. For exact opening and closing times of all locations check the programme book or the website. In the case of lost or damaged tickets or wristbands, there will be no refund and no admittance to the festival.
Professional photo, film and other recording equipment, glass containers and cans are not permitted in any festival area, both indoor and outdoor. Please observe the house rules of each location. In case of inappropriate behaviour, the organisation reserves the right to deny admission without refunding the festival ticket.

Your wristband is valid from the opening time of the location(s) until the closing time of the location(s). All participating venues have maximum capacity restrictions; at very crowded times a location may become temporarily inaccessible. To secure entrance to a specific event be sure to arrive early.

Age Limit

The minimum age for entrance to the Paard Van Troje is 18 years.