On the 1st of May, TodaysArt director Olof van Winden assumed the position of General – Artistic Director at the Netherlands Media Art Institute (NIMk) in Amsterdam. Olof is the successor to Heiner Holtappels.

The Media Art Institute is very enthusiastic about Olof strengthening the team. “With Olof in our team, we gain someone who can actively break new ground, and can raise the Institute to a new level, in a time that will be of crucial importance for the future of the Institute and the field of media art.”

Olof van Winden will continue to provide artistic guidance to TodaysArt, but will turn over a number of the business and operational tasks to his team in The Hague. Olof: “I need this platform in The Hague to succeed at the Media Art Institute. TodaysArt has a lot of energy, contemporary knowledge and a very relevant network that I can draw on productively at the Institute. Furthermore, the era of individualism is behind us. Cooperation, alliances, partnerships and shared leadership have to help us through these shaky economic and political times. I truly believe in this sector; by working together, the potential of artists and partners can be astounding. I’m willing to make a tremendous effort to contribute to that potential during the coming years!