As we are working very hard to realise the finest edition of TodaysArt yet, we are proud to officially announce the first names of what promises to be one of the most exciting TodaysArt Festival programmes yet.

After their successful debut at TodaysArt in 2010, Gob Squad [UK/DE] returns to The Hague for the Dutch premiere of Saving the World. In Saving The World (awarded with the Goethe-Institut prize at Impulse Festival 2009), Gob Squad squeezes the world into a handful of videotapes. Produced in 24 hours, a seven camera panoramic film portrays a specific place in the city as a microcosm of the entire world. The mission is nothing less than to save the planet and preserve it for an unknown future. The results of Gob Squad’s adventures are screened in a specially constructed ‘all round cinema’.

Martin Messier - Sewing Machine Orchestra

Sewing Machine Orchestra by Martin Messier [CA/QC] is entirely orchestrated with acoustic sounds produced by 1940’s sewing machines, amplified by micro-contacts and processed by computers. Apart from the sound produced by the installation, the image of these classic industrial machines in a contemporary environment triggers the audience’s imagination.

Together with fellow Quebecer Nicolas Bernier, Martin Messier will perform La Chambre Des Machines. In this installation, machines made of gears and cranks are manipulated to produce a sound construction at the crossroads of acoustics and electronics. Submerged in surround sound, the audience discovers the interaction between mechanical and synthetic sound. The project is based on the Intonarumoris, sound machines containing mysterious mechanisms (similar to today’s computers) built by Italian futurists at the beginning of the 20th century.


Lucas Abela - Vinyl Arcade










Lucas Abela (aka Justice Yeldham) [AU] will bring his Vinyl Arcade to The Hague for TodaysArt. Vinyl Arcade combines vinyl fetishism, video arcade mystique and the machismo of motor sports into a video game played within a real world setting. Imagine racing remote-controlled cars with styli (record needles) attached to their chassis across a track constructed from over 6.000 disused vinyl records.

“A ludic, tactile experience of noise art your grandmother would queue to have a go at” – Dan Mackinlay, Realtime.

After a hectic Vinyl Arcade experience, a relaxed space is offered in the form of Keg de Souza’s [AU] Gigloo. The Gigloo is an inflatable space – which looks like an igloo – to host live art and music performances.

Maurice Bogaert’s [NL] project The Morphed Set was chosen by the jury as one of two winners of WORKSPACE 11 initiated by Filmhuis Den Haag / ZAAL5 and will premiere during TodaysArt. In his work, Bogaert engages cinematic architecture and explores the relationships between scale models, sets, architecture, and the moving image. The starting point of The Morphed Setwas the question: would it be possible to do a remake of a film, let’s say Roman Polański’s Repulsion, with a set that would allow one to do so in one single shot? In The Morphed Set, the spectator takes on the role of the camera.


Elektro Guzzi by Klaus Pichler

TodaysArt aims to maintain the habit of presenting you with the finest developments in advanced music every year. Stepping up in this tradition, we are thrilled to present to you the first additions for this year’s music programme. First off, we would like to announce some of the musicians active in the field of contemporary electronic music: Danton Eeprom [FR/UK - Infiné / Fondation], Elektro Guzzi [AT – Macro], Jacek Sienkiewicz [PL - Recognition / Cocoon], Kangding Ray [FR/DE - Raster-Noton], Luomo [FI - Force Tracks / Huume], Raime [UK - Blackest Ever Black] and Vladislav Delay Quartet [FI/AR/DE - Honest Jon's].

The undefinable Japanese / Australian electronic music blog MNML SSGS will be involved in programming a venue on both nights of the festival. We are still in the process of finalising the line-up, but so far the confirmed artists include: Oni AyhunSenking [DE - Raster-Noton / Karaoke Talk], Ulf Eriksson [SE - Kontra-Musik], Ancient Methods [DE - RSB / Sonic Groove] and Delta Funktionen [NL - Delsin / Ann Aimee].

We are excited to present a selection of artists who dedicate their creations to the reinvention of prior or traditional music forms such as dub, reggae, cumbia and disco. A wide spectrum of modern urban sounds will be represented by Awesome Tapes From Africa [US], Baris K [TR],Disrupt & Soom T [DE/UK - Jahtari / Werk Discs], Dompteur Mooner [DE - Erkrankung Durch Musique] and Todd Terje [NO - Soul Jazz / Full Pupp / Permanent Vacation].

Bass orientated music styles will be present once again at TodaysArt, featuring the volatile sounds of dÉbruit [FR/UK - Musique Large / Civil Music], Jazzsteppa [UK/DE - Hotflush / Studio Rockers] and Plapla Pinky [FR - Sonore].