This year we invite you to join us together with numerous partners in creating a city lab that will function as a temporary community where artists, architects, urbanists, activists, academics, students and the public are invited to convene, exchange, experiment, produce and distribute ideas and resources.

The lab will be built on one of the most important public spaces of The Hague’s city centre: the Spuiplein. During the three day city lab, it is possible for everyone – either individually or collectively – to plug-in to and interact with numerous social and creative possibilities for using and transforming our public space. The lab has no predefined facilities, form or structure; it adapts to its participants and the urban and social possibilities and needs that occur.With the city lab, TodaysArt aims to create an open laboratory and autonomous zone of experiment that will be directly embedded into the heart of the city centre, interrupting daily life. The lab will allow you to question and hopefully reinvent our current urban environments and social behaviour.

Partners: Refunc, Royal Academy of Art (The Hague), Willem de Kooning Academy, Bring Your Own Beamer and more to be announced.

Want to join in? Bring your ideas and tools and become part of the city lab! Please be so kind to notify us bout your participation via the contact page.