As we are entering August, it is time to announce some new acts for TodaysArt.NL 2011, which is less than eight weeks away! This time we would like to share several new additions to the performance programme. We have done our best to find audiovisual performances that will take your breath away.

After performing his Adapting for Distortion piece for packed rooms at TodaysArt 2009, Hiroaki Umeda will return to The Hague to present his latest work: Holistic Strata. Umeda generates an intense visual experience with his performances, characterized by minimalistic subtlety and radical expression, combined with technological manipulations of light and sound. In Holistic Strata, he translates physical data, generated from his own muscle movements, into computer data in real time.

Robert Henke will present his Monolake Live Surround project. Live Surround is based on the fact that there is not much history in multichannel club-sound yet. Unlike in cinema – where the usage of 5.1 surround became the new standard and sound designers learned how to use it creatively – there is no ‘common practice’ with regards to surround sound in club-music. Monolake tries to find out how to exploit the artistic possibilities of surround sound in a club situation. For Live Surround, Robert Henke collaborates with visual artist Tarik Barri, whose realtime generative video forms an integral aspect of the performance.

Mexican ambient electronics producer Murcof joins forces with AntiVJ’s Simon Geilfus for the Dutch premiere of their audiovisual performance, which features mesmerizing stage design composed of three large screens to create a three-dimensional immersed experience.